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If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know that I'm a photographer. You might even know that I live in New Jersey. If you have a few minutes to spare, I would love to tell you just a little more about me.

The first thing I should tell you (warn you) is that I love to talk!! As in this might be more than a few minutes. Oddly enough, I don’t like being the center of attention. I think that might be why I started taking pictures… I found a way to tell a story to a lot of people without that awkward standing in front of a crowd talking bit.

The next warning is that I'm a total mush! I love a good, or even not so good, romantic comedy. But what really gets me is a real life romance with lots of real life laughs. It really isn't even just romance that turns me into a ball of fluff. It’s babies learning to crawl, it’s first dance classes and first days of school, it can be something as little as seeing a kid playing in their yard in rain boots and a super hero cape. 


So in case you haven't figured it out yet… life in general... All the fleeting moments of joy in our every days... Those are the little things that make my heart happy. Those are the big things to me. Those are the reasons I pick up a camera.


So what else makes me me? Family is everything to me. One of the first things I loved about my wonderful, adorable, accidentally hilarious husband was how much his family meant to him. My parents, my sisters, my nieces and nephews... They are the world to me. My friends are right up there too. Some of my best friends have been in my life since I was in pigtails and footie pajamas. At this point they ARE family to me. Sometimes all I need to make a perfect day is to spend time with my husband and our families… even if we don't do anything at all.

Of course, I could go on for days about me… but what I really want to hear about now is YOU! What makes your heart beat? What brings you joy?

A Few Of My Favorite Things